Hello! I'm Martí Climent!

Take a seat and be welcome to my website!

Who am I?

Yes, my parents designed me in Microsoft Paint

My name is Martí Climent, and I'm a bored alien who decided that instead of doing normal things I would learn programming. Some years after I was born, here we are: on my personal website, featuring some of the abominations that I like to call personal projects.

The first program I ever built was a console based program, made with Python, where I mixed every single project I had done with Python. It was possibly the most terrific thing ever built by the human being. You don't believe me? You can see here a screenshot of it. Unfortunately, I did lose that code and I don't have access to it anymore.

You can find me here!

Martí Climent




My projects

ElevenClock - A better clock for Windows 11

A better clock for Windows 11: ElevenClock will let you customize your taskbar clock, adding seconds, moving it around, changing its color and much more, like in the good old days.

WingetUI - Your Graphical Package Manager

The main goal of this project is to create a GUI Store for the most common CLI package managers for Windows, such as Winget and Scoop. From here, you'll be able to download, install, upgrade and uninstall any software published on those package managers

TubeTV - Youtube TV Client for Windows Computers

Lightweight UWP Program that runs Youtube TV on your computer. Controllable with the keyboard or with the phone, it is useful for devices attached to TVs or projectors. Supports any feature Youtube TV does, such as log in, phone control, etc.

SelectivitApp - Old exam papers for La Selectivitat

Study for the Selectivitat Exams (only in Catalonia) with the question papers and solution sheets side by side. Select the course and change the year of the exam rapidly, to be able to efficiently study. Only the source code of this application is published, there are no available releases to install.

Guitar Chord Transposer - Transpose Guitar Songs

A nice, responsive and modern PWA that will help you easily transpose the chords on your guitar songs. Select the original note value the end note value — or the amount of tones you want to increase it — and voilà. Transposed!

Light browser for Android 5.0 and above

A little light and fast browser that is not bloated with unneeded features. Useful on cheaper phones, such as older 1GB ram devices running older Android versions.

iTunes for macOS Catalina and above

A cheeky app that will allow you run the iTunes classic app (that was replaced by Apple Music, Apple TV and Podcasts) on newer macOS versions. Download and enjoy the All-in-one iTunes app as you did before apple messed things up!

My Badges

But, Why?

Because I can and I want. There's nothing more. Sometimes I just wanted some piece of software that didn't exist. Other times I just wanted to experiment with something else. This is why everything here is Open-Source. I just believe in it.

My dream setup

To get started in developing there's nothing more crucial than the setup. And this is my dream setup, the one i'd like to daily-drive:

Updated the 18 of July 2022. This information is up-to-date and should be taken seriously

Contact me!

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